Which Flavors of IDIQs Should Our Company Seek?

The federal government doesn't actually know the number of active IDIQs but rough estimates are that the number exceeds 2,000 and is increasing at an annual rate of approximately 30%. There are a large number of different IDIQs and chasing them all can be prohibitively expensive and unrealistic unless you are a billion-dollar prime contractor. Which IDIQ fits you is simplified somewhat if your company is not in the information technology industry where IDIQs abound and several new ones are announced each year.

For some lines of business, a very limited number of IDIQs exist and the numbers aren't really growing. When new IDIQs are announced for your industry, you can narrow your bidding decision down by weighing the following factors.

  1. Is geography important (e.g., for construction and facilities maintenance companies)?
  2. Has the government limited the planned awards to fewer than five (which is usually indicative of heavy competition amongst a small set of contractors already entrenched at that agency)?   
  3. Are there awards set aside for small businesses? What flavors are the set-asides (if any), and how many awards are planned for each flavor?
  4. How well do we satisfy the experience and personnel requirements of the solicitation?
  5. Have we worked for the agency and with whom at that agency do we have an existing relationship?
  6. Will there be enough awards to offset the lack of relationships in the issuing agency?

When deciding to bid, you need to consider the factors discussed above.  If you fail to do so, you run the risk of spending vast sums of money chasing a contract your firm realistically has no chance of winning. 

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