What is Happening in Federal Contracting?

The news: The Obama administration is, as part of its initiative regarding federal contracting, pursuing an agenda of (i) increasing competition for federal contracts, (ii) promoting openness of competition, and (iii) eliminating fraud and abuse of the system.  

The reality of increased competition:  This concept is theoretically good for those outsiders trying to break into the market.  The reality is that the federal customer is usually exceptionally loyal to good performers and outsiders are often shut out.

The reality of openness:  Transparency is a goal that all good federal contractors applaud. Why not, seeing as our federal contracts have always been public information.

The reality of elimination of fraud and abuse: This is also a goal that all good federal contractors applaud. Those who play by the rules shouldn't be punished for the deeds of the cheaters. But change the word "eliminate" to "reduce." Human beings run companies and federal contracting officers are people, too. Greed and acting in one's self-interest are human traits that can be found on both sides of the aisle.

What does this tell us at Fedmarket? Business as usual.

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