The Sensitivity of GSA Schedule Contract Modifications

GSA Schedule contract modification requests are comprised of a series of specific documents required by GSA to change a GSA Schedule contract, e.g., product or service updates, price changes, and name change. The content and format of modification requests vary by schedule and type and the complexity of specific requests depends on the reason for a modification. One modification may be a few pages while the next may be 50 pages.

Contract modifications must be prepared carefully because they can:

  • Show flaws in the original proposal to GSA
  • Create questions concerning the accuracy and currency of the discounting practices currently in effect with GSA
  • Bring Price Reduction Clause issues to the forefront
  • Indicate that the GSA prices have not been updated
  • Show that GSAAdvantage! price lists are not current

Think carefully and strategically while preparing a GSA Schedule contract modification. It's about content and pricing strategy; not about format and the number of pages.

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