Selling Using an IDIQ

Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts vary from agency to agency and there are a number of different types.  From a perspective of trying to develop a federal sales strategy, IDIQs are natural focusing mechanisms because (1) they force your sales staff and management to focus on a specific agency, and (2) they identify end users with money and also contracting officers. Both factors are critical components to developing your IDIQ-specific sales program. Some common mistakes made by companies when implementing an IDIQ-specific federal sales program follow:

  1. Assuming that because our company won an IDIQ, the awarding agency (or agencies) will start placing orders with us.
  2. Not focusing on a sales program directed specifically on agency end users and contracting officers the minute you win an IDIQ.
  3. Not investing money in a direct sales program and hoping an outsider will help you sell task orders.
  4. Not knowing which task orders are yours and which have been sold already by a direct competitor.
  5. Not writing creative and task order proposals that are based on intelligence you gather during your direct sales efforts.

Not making these mistakes (i.e., doing the opposite) should be the core of your successful IDIQ-based sales program. It's not easy or cheap but the results can be very profitable.

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