Sell Then Tackle the Red Tape: Part 2

In the previous newsletter, we recommended that you postpone tackling the red tape until after after you have made a sale with a federal buyer. Once an actual sale occurs, you will no option but to address the red tape but it is a good problem to have. 

The required red tape varies depending on how the government is purchasing your product or service. An experienced contract administrator should begin the process by reading the requirements and separating the information into categories.

  1. Required registration and certification documents
  2. Contract clauses that are relatively meaningless from a price and risk perspective
  3. Contract clauses that impact price and affect risk
  4. Proposal submittal and bid instructions
  5. Bid evaluation criteria

At the onset, focus your efforts on Categories 3, 4 & 5. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) usually require that bidders submit a complex proposal and most newcomers to the market need assistance in federal proposal writing.

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