Sell Then Tackle the Red Tape: Part 1

Companies new to the federal market frequently find that they have encountered a new culture with its own foreign language and requirements (such as red tape, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), contract boiler plate and countless acronyms).  On the surface, the paper work and hurdles may appear daunting but, underneath it all, is simplicity and logic.  When all is said and done, the process of doing business with the government isn't that different than the commercial market. After all, the government is buying the same things that commercial companies buy and the goal of the government is to receive good value for what they are buying (meaning obtaining the lowest price isn't always the objective).

We recommend that companies new to the market postpone the process of unraveling the red tape until you actually have a customer ready to buy. A sales manager should focus on the sales process (i.e., how and why the government buys and how buying decisions are made). The next step is to focus on who is buying what and how to contact the buyers. Then tackle the red tape and separate the wheat from the chaff as part of closing a deal with a customer.

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