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OASIS Industry Day: Registration is closed for the OASIS industry Day on May 13

Accounting Systems: GSA is removing the requirement to have a DCAA audited accounting system as a Pass/Fail element. However, Offerors must still have an accounting system that meets FAR requirements. While a DCAA audited accounting system is preferable, GSA will allow companies with accounting systems that have not been audited by DCAA to compete for an OASIS award.

Relevant Experience:

  1. GSA has deleted the requirement for at least one of the Relevant Experience examples to be cost reimbursable contract type.
  2. GSA is significantly lowering the dollar threshold associated with relevant experience minimum requirements. Section L.5.3.1 will read:

The Offeror must demonstrate Five (5) distinct projects, each as a Prime Contractor or (Existing CTA in accordance with Section L.5.1.7 only), that meet the following minimum conditions:

  • The primary scope of work must be One (1) of the Six (6) OASIS Core Disciplines
  • Involve the performance and/or integration of at least Three (3) out of the Six (6) OASIS SB Core Disciplines. The OASIS SB Core Disciplines are described in Section C and include Program Management Services, Management Consulting Services, Scientific Services, Engineering Services, Logistics Services, and Financial Management Services
  • Have a total award value of at least $750,000 Per Year
  • Have been completed within the Past Five (5) Years prior to the solicitation closing date or be ongoing with at least One (1) Year of performance completed prior to the solicitation closing date
  • At least Three (3) out of Five (5) projects must be for work that was for the Federal Government under a contract or task order awarded by the Federal Government.

OASIS Untangle:

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