More on Selecting the Best IDIQ

With thousand of IDIQs out there, developing a sales strategy can be a tangled mess. However, it may not be as challenging as you might have originally thought.  Those that have been already awarded are not an option for you unless your business works as a subcontractor to one of the awarded contract holders. This fact narrows your scope to new IDIQs (and/or GSA schedules which are always open for bid).  Our suggestions: 

  1. Pick your target agency and don't shot gun across agencies. Only the giants can afford shot gunning. Pick the agency or a limited few that buy(s) what you sell and focus your efforts on that agency (or agencies).
  2. Meet with federal end users and contracting officers and ask what their favorite IDIQs are. Like targeting your agencies, getting a meeting with agency buyers is not as simple as one might think but the potential results are worth the effort.
  3. If your targeted agency uses them, do the work necessary to get a GSA Schedule contract.   
  4. Also find out what specific agency IDIQs are coming up for bid the next year or so. Start planning your sales program and your eventual bid if an interesting IDIQ is coming up in the near future.
  5. If no agency IDIQs are on the horizon, either rely on a GSA Schedule or work towards subcontracting with an existing IDIQ contractor.

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