Know the Customer

There's an age-old axiom followed by federal contracting experts:  If you don't know the customer, don't bid on the job.  It's so simplistic, yet so true. Experienced contractors know and follow this basic premise and inexperienced companies tend to neglect the advice. Why?

  • They don't understand what "know the customer" means or how to go about establishing a customer relationship.
  • Although they agree with the axiom, they don't have the money or manpower needed to accomplish the task.
  • They have huge corporate egos and think that they are the answers to every customer's prayer.

When is the last time you bought anything of significant worth from a completely unknown source?  Why would you expect it to be any different for federal buyers whose jobs depend on the contractor's performance?  Follow this golden rule or be prepared to lose significant money on chasing leads your firm does not realistically have a chance to win. 

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