GSA Schedule Characteristics

A GSA Schedule is an IDIQ that is ALWAYS open for bid. 

GSA schedules are the grandfather of all IDIQs. All schedule contracts share the following four characteristics:

  1. They are open to small businesses.
  2. A services company can be virtually assured of obtaining a GSA contract if it can demonstrate its capabilities, has solid financial statements, and is willing to negotiate prices.
  3. GSA schedules are usually twenty-year contracts, an initial five-year contract followed by three five-year options.
  4. Federal buyers like to purchase from GSA schedule holders because buys can be made quickly with a minimum of paperwork.

GSA schedule task order buys do not require a public bid because full and open competition is deemed to have taken place at the time your GSA prices were negotiated. Schedule contracts are a salesperson's dream - they are a way to close a deal with your targeted buyer quickly, with very limited competition from competitors (as is the case with all IDIQs).

Are you on Schedule? Can you afford not to be?

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