Finally a Single Service GSA Schedule

Fedmarket's GSA Specialist can assist you in obtaining or migrating to GSA's single professional service schedule; 00Corp.

GSA has finally consolidated service schedules into a single schedule allowing companies with a wide range of services to obtain a single schedule.

The Consolidated Schedule (00Corp) encompasses the vast majority of services currently offered under GSA's Schedules program. Federal agencies can use the Consolidated Schedule to issue consolidates task orders to a single company to perform a multi-service requirement.

The array of services available under the Consolidated Schedule (00Corp) includes Special Items Numbers (SINs) for services from the following Service Schedules:

  • 871 - Professional Engineering Services (PES)
  • 874 - Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)
  • 70 - Information Technology
  • 03 FAC - Facilities Maintenance and Management
  • 520 - Financial and Business Solutions
  • 36 - Office, Imaging and Document Solutions
  • 76 - Publication Media
  • 541 - Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions
  • 738 II - Language Services
  • 738 X - Human Resources & Equal Employment Opportunity Services
  • 874 V - Logistics Worldwide (LogWorld)
  • 899 - Environmental Services

The benefits of the single schedule are:

  • Lowers administrative and management costs
  • Simplifies quarterly payment of the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF)
  • Allows use of simple contract modifications to add services rather than incur the large costs of new offers for new schedules
  • Streamline and lowers the costs of marketing

A company can become a Consolidated Schedule contractor in two ways:

Migrate two or more of their current single Schedules (that are eligible) into a consolidated contract. The migration document is Form 33 in the solicitation; or Apply for two or more single Schedules in a new consolidated offer.

Migrating existing service schedules to the consolidated schedule is complex and existing contractors should consider the following questions:

  • How does migration affect small business status?
  • What will be the potential award period (with options)?
  • How will the migration affect whether or not you meet the minimum sales criteria?

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