Federal Buyers Squirreling Away Dollars

Are Federal Buyers Squirreling Away Budget Dollars for the August/September Spending Spree?

No one knows really but probably yes. Why:

Human nature: No one wants to turn back budget dollars because they won't get them back. The "squirreling syndrome" is common the both government and the commercial sector.

Understaffed contracting office: Contracting offices are generally understaffed and can't keep up with the procurement workload. Larger simplified procurement for commodities tend to made in the last few months of the fiscal year. They can be made quickly with less staff hours.

Typical scenario: So the general would like a new golf cart. Or why not buy a truckload of printer paper because we can always use paper. I just received an email form a company selling what I want. Let me see if I can it.

The government's 4th quarter began July 1st.  Some analyst estimate cautious spending throughout the year will result in a spending boom during the last months of the government's fiscal year; July through September.

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