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Summaries. Exhibit 300s are required as part of the federal budget process and they contain valuable IT project details for sales purposes.

Use the search phrase "Exhibit 300" in Google and usa.gov, Examples are:




Also see Exhibit 300 Data Elements - http://www.itdashboard.gov/faq-agencies/exhibit-300-fields

Fedmarket.com information technology sales products and end user lists are listed in the next section.

1.1      Starting the Sales Opportunity Research Process

Set up a Word Table with the following suggested format (tailor to your company). In many cases all of the data about an opportunity may not be known, particularly the End User. Build the table as the process continues dropping dead end opportunities and adding new.

Use the table information as input to your CRM System. Input the data directly to you CRM system when it is operational.

The research process is never ending and should be done on a day-to-day basis.



Type of Opportunity



Title & Solicitation Link



Dollar Value






Place of Performance


Type of Procurement


Interested Vendor List



Contracting  Office Contact


End user


Example: Subcontracting Opportunity



IDIQ for maintenance, repair, construction and design-build services








Various Illinois Army National Guard locations



6 - 10 awards to various types of small businesses




Sharon G Star,

Procurement Assistant


Phone: 217-761-3553

Fax: 217-761-3908












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