Do Not Write Off GSA Schedules

If you have been following the press on GSA schedules lately you may be having second thoughts about obtaining a GSA schedule for your company. I can't say I blame you, on the surface the news does look grim, but if you dig a little deeper you'll find that the majority of cuts don't affect most vendors and after all is said and done we will be left with a more efficient purchasing method that will benefit vendor, buyer and taxpayer.

Let's review some of the changes GSA has presented us with:

  1. Canceling contracts that are not meeting the minimum sales criteria of $25,000 - This is nothing new, this has been standard practice for GSA. In this instance the onus is on you. Do your homework; implement a federal sales plan, pound the pavement and dial for dollars. In other words; market your GSA Schedule.
  2. Assess and remove outdated Special Item Numbers and/or GSA Schedules - Truth be told if you are selling typewriter ribbons, or eight-track tapes you may be in trouble, and losing your GSA schedule should be the least of your worries.
  3. Restrict new offers for periods of time for overpopulated GSA Schedules - GSA has upped the anti here, and it's survival of the fittest. A glut doesn't benefit any of us, and those of you who are in already are sitting pretty, the value of your schedule will increase because the pool of competitors is about to drop. If you aren't on schedule yet, there is still time to get in, GSA has not yet posted restrictions.

Now let's review what hasn't changed regarding GSA schedules:

  • Having an awarded GSA Schedule contract allows your company to close the deal it has sold in the most expeditious manner possible and with minimal red tape associated with the sale.
  • Having a GSA Schedule sets you apart from your competitor that doesn't have a Schedule contract because the federal buyer would prefer to do business with a Schedule holder because it makes her job that much easier.
  • Contracting officers will still request vendors obtain a Schedule contract to do business with their office.
  • By obtaining a GSA schedule you circumvent the cumbersome public bid process
  • GSA will continue to funnel billions of contracting dollars through schedule sales.

Long story short, don't move your plans to obtain a GSA schedule to the back burner. It is still the best way for a small-medium size business to compete with the larger companies who dominate federal sales.

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