Contracting with Federal Civilian Agencies is Easier Than Defense Agencies

The Washington press announced recently that thousands of defense jobs may be eliminated, including those related to large defense contracts. This is clearly very bad news for defense contractors. In contrast, civilian agency contracting will increase in large part due to the Obama administration's emphasis on health, energy, and rural broadband programs.

The latter is good news for small businesses trying to enter the federal market. Why? Because contracting with civilian agency is easier than defense contracting. An explanation follows: 

  1. Department of Defense (DOD) contractors tend to be large businesses and defense-related contracting opportunities often require specialized experience in areas such as logistics, the design and production of unique defense products, and experience with command and communications systems. Not surprisingly, DOD contractors tend to be part of the old-boy, military network.
  2. GSA Schedules tend to be used more by the civilian agencies. In fact, some governmental or military (i.e., not commercial) products, such as ammunition or defense weaponry, are prohibited from being awarded on GSA Schedules.  Since it is difficult to break into the DOD market, focus your efforts on the civilian agencies, those which are likely to have a need for your products and services. 

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