Veterans Administration Reorg, $16 Billion to Spend

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The Veterans Administration (VA) has announced an aggressive new reorganization plan as the result of the recent scandals concerning veteran health care. Congress has funded the plan with $16 billion dollars.

As part of the plan, the VA will hire a chief customer service officer and simplify the way it is organized to deliver health care. The department will create a single customer service structure with a limited number of regional divisions that will apply to all aspects of the agency, from healthcare to benefits, loan centers and even cemetery plots.

The reorganization, known as "MyVA," is designed to provide veterans with a seamless, integrated and responsive customer service experience - whether they arrive at VA digitally, by phone or in person.

MyVA plans to hire 28,000 medical professionals to join the agency's hospitals and clinics around the country, including about 2,500 mental health professionals. Fedmarket expects the VA to use three GSA schedules to hire new health professionals.

This is a long-term project and changes will take time.  If your company provides services that fall under any of the three GSA schedules listed above now is the time to take action.  Begin your GSA proposal preparation now and have your schedule in hand to compete for a chuck of the $16 billion the VA has to spend.

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