The Chaos of Proposal Writing

Federal government proposal writing is treated like a mysterious step child by many companies. For these companies, the process of writing a response to a federal Request for Proposal (RFP) is not a process at all. Rather, it becomes a series of chaotic events culminating in a last minute crunch the day (and night) before the proposal is due.

All of this chaos is focused around the Proposal Manager (if you have one) who can produce most of the proposal but not the critical technical solution to the customers problem. Most proposals win because of a customer centric, compelling technical approach and producing the approach is usually the center of the chaos.

Fedmarket's Proposal Architect is a proprietary product designed to make proposal writing faster, less costly, and more responsive. The Proposal Architect will:
  • Assist you in winning more contracts
  • Make your proposed solutions more compelling
  • Save a person weeks of writing effort
  • Reduce proposal writing time
The Proposal Architect uses a table-driven approach to developing a technical solution to a customer's problem. Suggested formats for work breakdown structures are provided and then converted to linked tables of task and subtasks to generate a detailed outline of the technical approach. The table hierarchy points out to technical writers:
  • The interrelationship of task and subtasks in the technical approach
  • What topics need to be covered?
  • Where they need to be covered in the task/subtask hierarchy
  • At what level of detail they need to be covered
The table-driven approach to developing a detailed technical approach outline replaces techniques like story boards for adding content to a high level outline.

The Proposal Architect uses model text to assist proposal writers in generating a responsive Management Plan.

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