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Alliant 2 will be one of the most important IT health vehicles to come out in 2016. 

Use the Document Verification and Self Scoring Worksheet to determine if you can compete for Alliant 2. You can find the spreadsheet at

Don't underestimate the work involved in putting together a bid. The top factors include experience, past-performance, clearances and certification. Review what's needed now, don't risk missing the proposal due date while waiting on certifications and clearances to come through.

Lighten your load - put your opportunity to win a piece of this ($50 billion ceiling for Unrestricted and $15 billion for SB) contract in Fedmarket's hands.

Federal IT GWACs are using similar, complex file requirements, multiple volumes, and multiple requirements to substantiate project experience; all of these factors make proposal writing time expensive and time consuming.

Fedmarket is offering Alliant 2 Small and Large Business Model Proposals and Full Proposal Writing Services. Call 888 661 4094, Ext.2 for more information.

Fedmarket's proposal team has written successful proposals for STARS, QIO, OASIS, CIO-SP3, RS3, EAGLE II and more. References available upon request.

Visit Fedmarket.

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