Solve the Federal RFP Puzzle with the Proposal Recipe

Most people are intimidated and dismayed when they read a Federal Request for Proposal (RFP) for the first time. RFP's are an inch thick or more and packed with confusing red tape and boilerplate. Yet there are proposal requirement nuggets in there somewhere; you just have to know how to find them.

The Recipe for Writing a Compliant Federal Proposal is a systematic step-by-step process that detangles the mess and allows the proposal writer to deal with the parts of the RFP that count. Using the Proposal Recipe each proposal is prepared using the same process resulting in complete compliance with the RFP and content that the evaluators requested and want.

The Proposal Recipe uses templates and model content to reduce writing costs. Compelling proposals are built over time using content from previous proposals (legacy or model content). The Recipe and its reoccurring content saves significant proposal costs and results in more compelling and concise proposals.

The Recipe for Writing a Compliant Federal Proposal includes 4 proposal samples and the Proposal Library. The samples are taken from winning proposals. The samples can be modified and refined to fit a new RFP thus saving hundreds of hours rather than starting from scratch.  The Proposal Library includes over 70 pages of model text which can be used and refines for each new proposal.

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