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Fedmarket has been helping small and medium businesses realize their goal of entering the federal marketplace for going over 16 years. Our approach is tactical and practical.

We were asked by the North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC) which is funded by the State of North Carolina, for permission to post material from my book "GSA Schedules: The Shortest Path to Federal Dollars" on their website. Permission was granted and I'd like to invite you to use the material to assist your small business clients.

You may use any information from any of my books or e-Books provided the excerpted text contains the following: "This information is provided courtesy of Fedmarket. Fedmarket provides services to help companies win federal contracts. Our offered services include GSA schedule consulting services, federal sales training, products and proposal-writing software. Contact Fedmarket at 301 652 9504, and press 2 for assistance in winning federal contracts or visit"

Please share these books with your constituents:

  • GSA Schedules: The Shortest Path to Federal Dollars  - Download Your Copy
  • Rolling the Dice in DC: How the Federal Sales Game is Really Played  - Download Your Copy
  • Cracking the $500 Billion Federal Market: The Small Business Guide to Federal Sales  - Download Your Copy
  • Loading the Dice in DC, Legally: Learn the Politics and Realities of Federal Contracting   - Download Your Copy

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Richard White
301 652 9504 x 125 (office)
301-908-0546 (cell)

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