Save Money and Time with Proposal Templates

If a company wants to win a bid opportunity, the proposal it submits in response to a federal Request for Proposal (RFP) must be unique. Furthermore, the proposal must address the customer's issue or problems and the company submitting the offer must propose customer-centric solutions. Proposals that do not address the foregoing elements lose.

Proposal templates provide a common structure and save significant corporate dollars because your staff does not have to reinvent the wheel for each proposal. When used correctly, templates allow proposal writers to respond to specific customer requirements with unique solutions. They allow you to focus on the text that will gain you the most evaluation points, not on recreating generic content.

Writing and editing one page of proposal text can take five hours or more. Using five hours as a rough guide, a one hundred-paged proposal can require 500 man hours and cost $50,000 (assuming a professional writer bills at $100.00 per hour). By using templates, a business can realize savings of 30 - 60% off that estimate. The actual savings incurred depends on the type of proposal being drafted and the number of times the template has been used and refined.

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