RFP Filter: Bulid A Compliant Federal Proposal

Build a Compliant Federal Proposal without Experience Using Fedmarket's Recipe for Writing a Compliant Federal Proposal.

Why is building a compliant federal proposal so difficult?

  • RFPs are built for the government, not for you.
  • They are purposely laden with hundreds of pages of clauses and legal language to protect the government; most of which are overprotective and serve no practical purpose.
  • Only experienced proposal writers can untangle Federal RFPs.

For an inexperienced proposal writer the red tape makes RFPs seem like they were written in a foreign language.

The most effective way for inexperienced proposal writers to write a compliant proposal is to "filter the RFP" and use the filtered results to build a detailed proposal outline.  Once the outline is created, begin to  add existing technical, management material, resumes, and corporate experience to the outline to produce a draft proposal.

Fedmarket's Recipe for Writing a Compliant Federal Proposal provides inexperienced writers with a step-step procedure to:

  • Filter the RFP and amendments by cutting and pasting all proposal instructions (requirements) into a Filter Table
  • Build a compliant outline from the Filter Table
  • Use the included Proposal Library of technical and management material to write the draft proposal.

Proposal compliance is achieved by meeting each and every proposal instruction no matter how small in the proposal. As examples:

  • Page count limitations
  • Font size requirements
  • Due date and time delivery instructions
  • Proposal content requirements
  • Miss any requirement and the proposal will be considered non-responsive.

Use of an RFP Filter as a compliance control mechanism results in the following benefits:

  • RFP requirements including amendments are controlled and built into the proposal outline.
  • Provides the structure and content for a compliance matrix
  • Each content requirement in the filter is used to build the structure and content instructions of the proposal outline.
  • The filter becomes the critical working document and the voluminous RFP can be set aside as a reference document.

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