Other Assistance Centers Give Businesses a Leg Up

How do other business assistance centers give businesses a leg up? Simple. By connecting them to a free resource that gives them a realistic view on how business is done with the federal government.

How do they connect them? By including a link to the www.fedmarket.com site on their website's additional resources page.

Why do they see value in this? The Fedmarket site includes hundreds of articles, whitepapers, and robust search capabilities that enable people to research how business is really done with the federal government. To get a flavor of the content posted see Fedmarket's "Free Content" section.

Is this site reputable? Hundreds of procurement assistance sites have already linked to Fedmarket's free resources. A sample of organizations that have already linked to Fedmarket's site includes: sba.gov, smdc.army.mil, honolulu.gov, geod.utah.gov, das.state.or.us, osdbu.dot.gov, smallbusiness.navfac.navy.mil, mass.gov, dba.virginia.gov, purchasing.alabama.gov, and many more.

Who is Fedmarket? Since 1995, Fedmarket provides sales resources for government contractors that are recognized for blending a strong dose of reality, deep expertise, and a can-do attitude to propel businesses to excel in federal sales.

How can I do the same? Simple. Ensure that a link to http://www.fedmarket.com or any of its internal pages is included in your additional resources page

To learn more about Fedmarket, click here.

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