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Final RFP - DC press has published a 7/24 date but GSA will not confirm 7/24. GSA is now saying "by the end of the month" or in government speak that means the last week in July or the first two weeks of August. Bottom line, its getting close.

OASIS proposal writing is a complex file manipulation effort requiring great care to ensure full compliance. Our experience is that GSA will use any small non-compliance reason to reject your proposal to reduce the enormity of evaluating hundreds of proposal.

Fedmarket's OASIS Model Proposals:

  • Reduce proposal writing costs
  • Ensure compliance
  • Simplify task of deciding to submit a bid (by reading the simplified template formats)

The model proposal is a valuable purchase even if after reviewing the template you decide not to bid. The template will:

  • Save management time is trying to decipher the RFP.
  • Saves the time to write the proposal using the templates and then find that you don't qualify.

The final OASIS RFPs will not change significantly from the current draft RFPs.

Purchasers of the draft OASIS Model Proposals will receive an updated version of the models once GSA issues the  final RFP.

OASIS Model Proposal Text  - Get a head start on your OASIS bid with a model proposal.

Call 888-661-4094, Ext. 2 for more information or to purchase by telephone.

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