Let Us Prepare Your Cost Price Volume

Contractors of all sizes encounter situations where their internal pricing team simply does not have the adequate resources or capacity to respond to a critical RFP.

Don't let your technical response be hindered by an imperfect or non-compliant cost/price volume.

Let Fedmarket provide the expertise you need to deliver a strong response to the Government. We can support your proposal virtually, or at your location, nationwide.

We Help You Win By:

  • Managing the entire price volume
  • Engaging in price-to-win strategy sessions
  • Developing all cost templates
  • Creating the cost narrative
  • Working with your cross-functional proposal teams
  • Managing subcontractor cost/price proposal inputs
  • Actively participating in color team reviews
  • Performing quality assurance and compliance checks
  • Preparing audit files

Extensive details on this service can be found on our website.

Call 888 661 4094, Ext.2 for more information and a quote based on the specifics of your particular RFP.

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