How Not to Write a Losing Proposal

If you can't afford to waste another minute or dime writing another losing proposal, Writing and Managing Winning Proposals is the ideal Fedmarket webinar for you.

Webinar: Writing and Managing Winning Proposals
Date: January 21, 2015
Time: 1:00 - 3:00 PM EST
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Fedmarket will teach you the methods proven to develop and manage a winning proposal. Over 2,000 businesses across the country have attended this class over the past seven years because they want to know what it takes to win more business. If you go up against one of them, your chances of winning are low unless you understand the proposal game.

Why is This Webinar Different?
Many proposal courses cover the basics on the formatting of a proposal and how to find proposal opportunities. This seminar helps you discern which proposals are worth your time and effort and which ones you should take a pass on. One of the largest mistakes in this business is spending tens of thousands of dollars on blind proposals. The course is dedicated to help you write a winning proposal for an opportunity you already SOLD to the government. A properly-prepared proposal is simply a document the government will use to defend WHY they CHOSE YOU. This class is for those managers who want to write fewer proposals and win more.

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