GSA: The Devil is in the Details

Preparing a GSA schedule proposal can be an arduous task, but it doesn't have to be. If you select to tackle the proposal on your own you are at a disadvantage.  You will save time, and increase your odds of an award by using a GSA proposal service. 

Fedmarket has been writing GSA proposals since 1996, we have helped thousands win a GSA award and have mentored companies to win contracts through use of their GSA schedule.   We have the experience to streamline the process, and the knowledge to address the key factors GSA evaluators look for.

Our two most affordable GSA proposal writing services are outlined below. The end result of both is a professionally, prepared, ready-to-submit, GSA schedule proposal.

Fedmarket's GSA eLab
  • Least expensive, most affordable for price sensitive companies
  • Works best for companies whose pricing and discounting practices are not complicated
  • Completion is dependent on your company's ability to come prepared.
  • Participants gain hands-on experience with the workings of GSA schedules.
  • You will be given insights on negotiating with GSA concerning prices and terms and conditions.
  • We will cover managing and administering schedules, paying Industrial Funding Fee (IFF), and selling using schedules.

Fedmarket's GSA at Your Office

  • No employee travel expenses
  • Significantly reduced amount of company's employee time
  • GSA consultant on site in a focused effort
  • Hands down the best option when pricing and discounting is complex
  • GSA consultant can work directly with the company's CFO and management
  • Easier to optimize GSA prices
  • Employees can be involved and learn more about GSA contracting and sales

Call Steve or Jon at (888) 661-4094, Ext. 2 to learn more about these offerings, confirm your company's eligibility or to register by telephone.

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