GSA: Reselling Products Through Schedules

GSA Schedules: "The Way" to Grow in the Federal Market

Over $30 billion dollars of federal contracts are awarded annually through small business friendly GSA schedules. GSA schedules are a favored mechanism for federal buyers to contract awards to avoid the delays and piles of paperwork required for a public competition.

Fedmarket is offering a complimentary 10 installment primer on GSA Schedules and why they are such crucial "seed contracts" for small businesses to win federal contracts. As the titles suggest, the 10 installments in the series tell readers why they should seek a GSA schedule.

  1. Federal Buyers Use GSA Schedules Extensively to Make Quick and Easy Buys
  2. Companies Do Not Need Federal Experience to Be Awarded a GSA Schedule Contract
  3. GSA Schedule Companies Can Bid Quickly with Limited Competition
  4. GSA Schedules Promote Awarding Contracts to Small Businesses
  5. How to Apply for a GSA Schedule
  6. How to Sell with a GSA Schedule
  7. Small Service Businesses Need a MAC to Grow
  8. How GSA Schedules are Used to Award Service Contracts
  9. How GSA Schedules are Used to Award Product Contracts
  10. A Prime Opportunity: Reselling Products Through GSA Schedules

10. A Prime Opportunity: Reselling Products Through GSA Schedules

Millions are made every day by small businesses selling products for manufacturers through GSA schedule; generally referred to as resellers.

GSA schedule sales opportunities are available from the federal government (for almost all types of products) and state and local government (for some products).  Your product will be posted on GSA Advantage, the federal equivalent of Federal buyers can find you on GSA Adavantage and order from you using email.

Almost anything can be resold through a GSA schedule; computer hardware, tools, general hardware, industrial product. And most manufactures will drop ship the products to your customer.

The GSA requirements to obtain a GSA schedule are:

  1. Two years in business.
  2. An agreement for the manufacturer to supply the product.
  3. A government marketing and sales program; usually through email.

Reselling is the easiest way for small businesses to do business with the Federal government. Itís relatively painless and does not require a major investment.

Call (888) 661 4094, Ext. 2, to arrange a complimentary telephone call with Richard White to discuss any aspect of GSA schedules.

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