GSA Proposal eLabPlus in Avon, CT

Fedmarket Regional GSA eLabPlus
All the benefits of Fedmarket's GSA eLabPlus at a satellite location with Fedmarket's GSA consultants on-site.

Fedmarket is offering a new solution to GSA proposal writing; the Regional GSA eLabPlus. This service will be offered in Avon, Connecticut this year with other areas being added as demand grows.

The Regional GSA eLabPlus allows you to virtually attend our monthly GSA elabPlus held in Bethesda, MD without having to make a trip to the DC area. Our regional satellite locations will provide you with a computer, an on-site GSA specialist, and a live broadcast of the Bethesda eLabPlus. You will received one-on-one support and benefit from the presentations given throughout the elabPlus by our Bethesda GSA staff.

The Regional GSA eLabPlus is being offered, once a month in Avon, CT, in conjunction with our Bethesda, MD GSA eLabPlus dates. Seating is limited.

When you leave the GSA eLabPlus you will have a complete GSA Schedule proposal fully ready for filing with GSA. Sign up now or call 301 652 9504, press 2 for more information.

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Regional GSA eLabPlus Dates and Locations:

  • October 5 - 7, 2010 in Avon, CT
  • November 2 - 4, 2010 in Avon, CT
  • December 7 - 9, 2010 in Avon, CT

    GSA Proposal eLabPlus

    GSA eLabPlus Dates and Locations:

  • October 5 - 7, 2010 in Bethesda, MD
  • November 2 - 4, 2010 in Bethesda, MD
  • November 16 - 18, 2010 in San Diego, CA
  • December 7 - 9, 2010 in Bethesda, MD

    GSA Proposal eLabPlus at Home

  • You select the date and the location!

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    Need more information? Contact me.

    For more information or to register by phone, call 301 652 9406 and press 2 to speak to a Fedmarket representative.

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