GSA May Owe You Money

If your GSA schedule was cancelled for not meeting the $25,000 annual sales threshold you may be eligible for a refund. After an investigation into the GSA schedule program has determined that the government owes more than one thousand small businesses millions of dollars. A House committee report states that GSA did not fulfill a "guaranteed minimum payment" clause outlined in many of its contracts.

If your company was removed from the MAS program and didn't make a minimum of $2,500, the federal government is required to make up the difference between the company's sales and that $2,500 minimum. The refund is per schedule - if your company held multiple schedules and did not make minimum sales you are entitle to $2,500 (or the difference between your sales and $2,500) for each schedule that meets the refund criteria.

GSA seems to be forth coming with the refunds due, although if you have failed to file quarterly IFF reports, or lost your schedule for failing to follow compliance rules, you may will not be a candidate for a refund. To obtain your refund contact your contracting officer, they will instruct you on the step to take to file for a refund.

Call 888 661 4094, Ext.2 for more information.

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