Count the ways to complete your GSA proposal

$37,458,488,958 government contracting dollars were spent in 2009 using GSA Schedule contracts. These figures will continue to grow because GSA contracting simplifies the purchasing process for both the federal buyer and seller. Vendors hoping to do business with the government without a GSA Schedule are limiting themselves to selling through the cumbersome public bid process.

To stay competitive in today's federal marketplace, a vendor must obtain a GSA Schedule. If your company performs, the contract has the potential to span the course of twenty years! A GSA proposal or offer is a lengthy and complex compilation of documents which scares many from even pursuing a Schedule contract. Instead, vendors opt to try to get by without and, in doing so, they are missing out on the billions of dollars spent through GSA contracting each year.

If your company is committed to selling to the federal government, you need a GSA Schedule. Get over the mental hurdle concerning the task of putting the proposal together and put youself in a postion to win business as a GSA Schedule holder. Fedmarket completes hundreds of GSA proposals for clients each year. We can ease the pain of proposal writing in a variety of ways:

GSA Proposal Full Service: We handle the process for you from start to finish (including the proposal's preparation, its submission and negotiating with GSA).

GSA Proposal Assistance: A cost-saving alternative. We complete the proposal for you and you submit it and handle the negotiations with GSA on your own.

GSA Proposal eLabPlus and GSA Proposal Virtual eLab: We assist you in completing your proposal. You prepare the documents and we oversee the process.

You can even work with Fedmarket from the comfort of your home or office in the Virtual GSA eLab or the Fedmarket GSA eLabPlus at Home.

Still not convinced the process can be relatively painless? Visit Fedmarket's Testimonials page for more evidence of our success in coaching businesses through the painful process of preparing a GSA Schedule proposal and negotiating pricing with GSA.

Your time is valuable. Stop searching for answers to the GSA proposal dilemma. Call 301 652 9504, press 2, to get started now.

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