Acquisition Support Services

Fedmarket provides acquisition support services to federal contracting officers. Fedmarket has been in the federal purchasing business for 17 years and has purchasing specialists who understand the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), strategic sourcing policies, Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs), and Multiple Award Contracts (MACs).

Fedmarket's acquisition services include:

  • Development of procurement plans
  • Assisting program officers in defining requirements and developing statements of work
  • Finding sources and pricing to meet specific purchasing requirements.
  • Assisting in contract vehicle selection
  • RFP and RFQ writing
  • Support to program and contracting personnel in offer evaluation RFP and RFQ automation
  • Assistance to contracting personnel in any aspect of the procurement process

Fedmarket will assist contracting officers at an approved rate of $196.47 for Senior Federal Contracting Specialists under GSA Schedule sourcing buys on a fully loaded hourly rate basis. Buyers may purchase 10 hours @ $250 per hour of buying service for a fixed open market price of $2,500.

Wood River Technologies, Inc. (dba as Fedmarket) has a GSA Schedule 574 MOBIS, SIN 874 6 Acquisition Support Management Modification.

Email with your requirements. Or contact Richard White, CEO of Fedmarket, at 301.908.0546. He has 50 years of experience in federal purchasing and will supervise all transactions for FAR compliance.

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