Reasons Proposal Deadlines Are Missed

Companies that either miss or nearly miss proposal submittal deadlines usually don't trumpet their stories to their cohorts. After all, it is not exactly a badge of courage. Yet, at countless bars throughout the Metro area, you frequently will overhear the story, "We hit one hundred miles an hour on the Beltway and made the deadline by five minutes." Or "I hit the send button with a minute to spare and hoped that the email wasn't delayed by busy servers." Or, in a whisper, "We actually missed the deadline on a $10 million dollar deal."

Why would such a thing happen to supposedly sophisticated federal contractors? Pure and simple. It's a failure on the part of management to pay attention to the preparation of the proposal.  In fact, it is a problem that may never be solved. Proposal writing is the ugly stepchild of federal contracting. Management hates it and many bury their heads in the sand and hope it will get out on time. Don't let this happen to your company.  Commit to providng the necessary resources and manpower needed to get the job done on time and correctly. Otherwise, your staff will be telling similar stories at happy hour. 

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