PSC Codes

What Are PSC Codes? Good question.

PSC stands for Product Service Codes. These are legacy codes that are used in certain government procurement databases to classify products and services.

Public Law 93-400 requires the Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy, OMB, to establish a system for collecting, developing, and disseminating procurement data which takes into account the needs of the Congress, the executive branch, and the private sector.

The Department of Defense was originally designated as the executive agent of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy to establish and operate the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) including a Federal Procurement Data Center. Subsequently, this responsibility was transferred to the General Services Administration.

Today with newer generation procurement databases, PSC Codes have become somewhat less relevant because of the enhanced search capabilities of the new databases. PSC Codes are still used as a searchable field in the FPDS database.

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