New to the Federal Marketplace: Start Small and Grow from Within

Newcomers should use any means they can to land a small deal to get their hooks into the market. That could include cold-calling (ugh), pitching to anyone you know in the federal government or anyone who likes you and knows someone in the government, begging a prime contractor for a subcontract, or begging a federal contracting officer to introduce you to an end-user.

Getting the first one is tough. Use any means you can and dig into your street smarts to land something, and the customer will help you sell if you perform for them. The new revenue possibilities include:

  • Extensions to your first, small contract
  • New contracts to meet the customer's future requirements
  • Introductions to end-users with money in their agency
  • Introductions to end-users in other agencies who manage a similar type of program that your customer manages

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