GSA Schedule Contracts Open Doors for Small Businesses

Don't shut yourself off to MACs, begin by obtaining your GSA schedule contract.

The federal government is using Multiple Award Contracts (MACs) more and more as the purchasing method of choice.

All MACs publicly posted by federal agencies open and close within in specific period of time for receipt of proposals (usually around 45 - 60 days. Awards are then made to the successful bidders and the successful companies are the only companies that can receive orders under the MAC. Many MACS for services are for 5 years exceed $ 5 billion. Unsuccessful bidders for these MACs are shut out of these huge markets.

GSA schedules are large government-wide MACs and in contrast with other MACS are procured with standing solicitation with no closing date for receipt of offers. As a result, a proposal (offer) may be submitted at any time. The standard GSA Schedule Award period is 5 years and GSA has the option to extend the contract three additional five-year periods, for a total of twenty years. 

Fedmarket's Full-Service GSA Solution begins with proposal preparation and ends with GSA schedule revenue.

Our experienced GSA staff handles all aspects of proposal preparation, submission, and negotiation of your GSA proposal. But it doesn't end there, after your proposal is submitted, we keep working for you, providing GSA sales training, and GSA contract compliance training. 

Thus the goal of the engagement is not only the award of your GSA Schedule contract, but revenue and continued sales using your GSA contract award.

Fedmarket will:

  • Assist in selecting the best schedule and formulating optimal GSA prices
  • Prepare, submit, and negotiate GSA offer and obtain award
  • Uploads GSA prices to the online GSA price database
  • Provide GSA contract management software and contract management training

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