Advanced Proposal Writing: Pursuing IDIQ Contracts

Program Management a Must for Small Businesses Pursuing IDIQ Contracts

Government agencies releasing IDIQs are looking for prime contractors they can rely on to do more than just manage individual projects well. They want contractors who can run programs that manage projects well. This is especially relevant for small businesses competing for IDIQs. In previous years, federal agencies were content to meet their small business goals in an ad hoc fashion, often issuing letter proposals for a single consultant to fill a gap or join existing projects. Not today. The new strategy of federal agencies is to mandate that small businesses band together under a single lead small business and take on larger, more sophisticated assignments. As a result,  small businesses are now being forced to develop competencies in program management.

When it comes to program management, what agencies often really have in mind is glorified contract management (i.e., simply handling contractual matters for multiple task order projects). But oftentimes the agency is looking for a company which can bring greater strategic foresight to support the agency's specific business objectives. And they want a partner with the management systems that can bring greater efficiencies to all aspects of task order performance.

Some of the key topical themes we believe you should cover when describing your program management philosophy and approach include:

  • A customer partnership strategy and structure for cross-organizational management of affairs
  • An effective program governance structure
  • A human resources approach (of your program manager, not simply of the HR department)
  • A disciplined quality program (quality assurance and quality control)
  • A communication strategy

Next week we will look at each of these elements in greater depth.

Gary Mason
Proposal Writer

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