SBEAS Specific RFP Requirements

Offerors are advised that teaming is not allowed at the IDIQ level. You can either bid as a stand-alone prime, or bid as a Joint-Venture. **

  • Need at least Level 2 CMMI Development or Services ADS (Appraisal Disclosure Statement) in order to bid and will need to provide CMMI Logo.
  • Only need 4200 (out of a max of 6000) points on the self-scoring worksheet, will not be rated higher with more than 6,000 points.
  • Maximum of 6 contracts in the Technical volume. These are 'past performance' contracts that cover certain technical areas for which you are claiming points on the self-scoring worksheet. These same contracts also MUST be used in your past performance volume and will require PPQs.
  • Same PP as in technical - max of 6. If you did not have 6 contracts in your Technical volume, you can add additional contracts to get to the max of 6 allowed. You cannot use multiple-award IDIQs as a reference contract; can use single-award IDIQs; cannot use BPA contracts, but can use call/delivery order numbers issued against a BPA.
  • The government is looking for PP from last 3 years, that are relevant to the SBEAS work and have quality performance.
  • There are 3 sub-factors in PP. They each have a set 'value' when your proposal is being scored.
    • Most valuable: lifecycle software services
    • Cybersecurity next more valuable
    • Information Technology Business Analysis is least important.
  • PPQs MUST be signed by a Warranted Contracting Officer or Corporate Office with cognizance over the project for the period of performance.

**Note: CMMI Appraisal for Joint Ventures - 50 % of the JV must satisfy the CMMI appraisal requirement. Ex. If the JV has four members, two of the members must satisfy the CMMI appraisal requirement. In the event there is an odd number of members (Ex. 3), round up to the next even number and take 50% of that number for CMMI appraisal requirement.