SDVOSB's Take Note of "VECTOR OnRamp" - Veteran Enterprise Contracting for Transformation and Operational Readiness

VECTOR is a Total Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Aside.

The VA has released a final proposal. Fedmarket is offering a model proposal, and full-service proposal writing based on the final RFP.  The due date is March 2, 2020

  • VECTOR is an IDIQ contract with FFP and LH type task orders.
  • Contract length is 10 years, base of 5 years plus a five-year option
  • The contract has a $25 Billion Ceiling
  • Streamlining techniques will be used for Proposal Prep and Evaluation

VECTOR will run out of the VA Strategic Acquisition Center in Frederick, MD,

View the final RFP at beta.SAM: Click here to view

The VECTOR IDIQ consists of 6 Service Groups. 3 of the 6 Service Groups are open for bid:

Service Group 1 - Management & Improvement

  • Business Process Re-engineering, Improvement and Management
  • Change Management and Transition
  • Quality Measurement
  • Data Governance

Service Group 2 - Analysis

  • Studies/Surveys
  • Statistical and Actuarial Analysis
  • Management Analysis
  • Records Information Management
  • Financial and Business Performance Auditing

Service Group 4 - Outreach

  • Advertising Services
  • Media Buying
  • Public Relations Services/Outreach
  • Conference, Events, and Tradeshow Planning Services
  • Promotional Materials
  • Video/Film Production
  • Graphics Design

Proposals shall consist of the Proposal Booklet provided in the RFP.
The Proposal Booklet includes:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Proposed Subcontracting Structure Template
  3. Technical Capability Narrative Template
  4. Price Template
  5. Cover Page for SF 1449 (Signed), Amendments (Signed), and Other Documents

Any proposals that do not meet the following criteria will be eliminated from consideration prior to any technical or price review:

  1. All offerors must be verified in VetBiz at the time of proposal submission. Offerors are solely responsible for obtaining this verification. The contracting officer will not intervene with CVE regarding the processing of applications. Offerors that are currently VetBiz verified are encouraged to check the system and contact CVE directly prior to proposal submission if verification is not visible.
  2. All offerors must be certified in SAM.gov as a SB under NAICS code 541611.
  3. All offerors must include the Subcontracting Structure Template.
  4. All offerors must respond to all questions provided in the template for each Service Group for which they want to be considered.
  5. All offerors must complete the price templates for each Service Group for which they want to be considered. If rates are missing for any of the labor categories, the proposal for that Service Group will not be evaluated.

After this initial assessment, all remaining proposals will be evaluated for Technical Capability.

TECHNICAL CAPABILITY. The evaluation will consider the following:

  • Solution knowledge and technical expertise – The technical proposal, consisting only of the templates provided in Attachment G (Proposal Booklet), will be evaluated to determine the extent to which the offeror is knowledgeable and capable of providing solutions which are appropriate, timely, effective, and efficient, including the offeror’s capability to manage a contract of this size and scope. Offeror’s successful experience will be factored into overall technical capability.
  • Subcontractor and employee experience may be used.
  • Offerors must state that the experience is that of a proposed subcontractor or employee.
  • Experience of subcontractors or employees may not be rated as favorably as that of the prime.
  • The proposal will be evaluated to determine the level of confidence provided the Government with respect to the offeror’s methods and approach in successfully meeting the anticipated requirements with current technologies, services, and techniques available in the commercial marketplace and innovative strategies that will provide a benefit to the Government.


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