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The CIO-SP4 Model Proposal is Ready for Delivery.

The CIO-SP4 model proposal is based on the draft RFP. When the final RFP is released Fedmarket will deliver an updated model proposal based on the final RFP at no extra cost, all amendments and updates will be addressed and new files are provided gratis.

Our proposal team has extensive experience with HHS/IT proposals, we have been successful in helping clients win spots on CIO-SP3, CIO-CS, CIO-SP3 OnRamp, and more.

The Chief Information Officer–Solutions and Partners 4 (CIO-SP4) Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) is a five-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract with a five-year optional period; with a fifteen-year period of performance.

It is anticipated that up to 75-125 (Other Than Small Business) and 200 -300 Small Business awards (to include WOSB, HUBZone, SDVOSB firms), and will include 25 -75 8(a) awards may be made from this solicitation.
Total contract ceiling: $40 bilion
NAICS Code: 541512

CIO-SP4 intends to provide Information Technology (IT) solutions and services which include health and biomedical-related IT services to meet scientific, health, administrative, operational, managerial and information management requirements. The contract also contains general IT services partly because medical systems are increasingly integrated within a broader IT architecture, requiring a systems approach to their implementation and a sound infrastructure for their operation.

Ten Task Areas constitute the technical scope of this contract:

  • Task Area 1: IT Services for Biomedical Research, Health Sciences, and Healthcare
  • Task Area 2: Chief Information Officer (CIO) Support
  • Task Area 3: Digital Media
  • Task Area 4: Outsourcing
  • Task Area 5: IT Operations and Maintenance
  • Task Area 6: Integration Services
  • Task Area 7: Cyber Security
  • Task Area 8: Digital Government and Cloud Services
  • Task Area 9: Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Task Area 10: Software Development

Scoring - Past performance is critical, multiple projects are key in obtaining a competitive score.

Proposals will be evaluated using a self-scoring, two-phase methodology

  • NITAAC will rank bidders based on self-scoring sheets in the first phase and highest values will advance.
  • NITAAC will evaluate proposals based on best value in phase two

There are five evaluation factors, each of which is evaluated as go/no-go, by the government, and/or self-scoring:

  • Technical capability and understanding
  • Relevant corporate experience
  • Management approach
  • Past performance
  • Cost/price

Self-scoring is out of 10,000 points. Top point areas include:

  • Corporate experience in up to 10 focus areas (up to 4,500 points)
  • Leading edge technology experience (up to 1,800 points)
  • Federal and multiple award contract experience (up to 1,200 points)

**The draft RFP specifies that the Defense Department may require contractors to obtain the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) for DOD task orders.

CIO-SP4 will be awarded based on an accumulation of evaluation criteria points (past performance, strong CPARS rating, TS/Secret clearance, etc.)


  • CIO-SP3 Small Business Track TA participants (Primes and subs alike) must all be Small Business. This restriction is likely to continue with CIO-SP4.
  • No restrictions on contractors participating on more than one TA / Joint Venture are expected (similar to CIO-SP3).
  • Socio-economic TAs must demonstrate at least 51% of the work will be performed by the disadvantaged set-aside.

Evaluation - The Government will evaluate proposals in two phases as follows.

a. Phase 1. During the Phase 1, the Government will evaluate proposals based on Go-No/Go requirements. A proposal determined to be “Unacceptable” under Phase 1 will be considered unacceptable and disqualified from proceeding further in the evaluation process.
b. Phase 2. Proposals not found “Unacceptable” during Phase 1, will be evaluated during Phase 2 using a best value methodology consisting of:
1) Non-Price Factors a) Factor 1 – Technical Capability and Understanding (Paragraph M.3.1)
b) Factor 2 – Corporate Experience (Paragraph M.3.2)
c) Factor 3 – Management Approach (Paragraph M.3.3)
d) Factor 4 – Past Performance (Paragraph M.3.4)

2) Price Factor e) Factor 5 – Price (Paragraph M.5)

The evaluation Factors will be used by the Government evaluation panels when reviewing the proposals. The evaluation will be based on the demonstrated capabilities of the Offerors in relation to the Statement of Work. 

Relevant Corporate Experience
The proposal shall describe the offeror’s experience and methodology used in providing the Task Area services across other government agencies and private industry for large, complex requirements. Examples of work shall include requirements with minimum dollar threshold of $5 million.

For the purposes of attracting the various socioeconomic groups of SDVOSB, HUBZone, and WOSB and firms, the following Task Area qualifications are required at a minimum:

Offerors are required to demonstrate their ability to perform in a minimum of:

  • Task Area 1 plus a minimum of 9 other Task Areas for Other than Small Businesses
  • Task Area 1 plus minimum of 7 other Task Areas for Small Business.
  • Task Area 1 plus minimum of 4 other Task Areas for HUBZone;
  • Task Area 1 plus minimum of 4 other Task Areas for SDVOSB;
  • Task Area 1 plus minimum of 4 other Task Areas for WOSB or
  • Task Area 1 plus minimum of 7 other Task Areas for Section 8(a) Contractor.


  • Technical Capability & Understanding section requires a technical response for each Task Area you are proposing.
  • Corporate Experience section requires at least 3 examples of corporate experience (or projects / contracts) that cover the task areas you wish to respond to. 1 of the examples MUST be for Task Area 1 and cannot be reused for any other task area. You can reuse the other 2 examples to show experience in multiple task areas. Depending on which small business category you are in, the details vary.
  • Past Performance section requires a maximum of 3 PPQs/CPARs corresponding to the projects provided in the Corporate Experience section. If you are using commercial contracts, you can ONLY use 1 commercial contract PPQ in this section.

If the Contracting Officer establishes separate contractor groups, the Government will make its source selection decision based on each group. Please note, if a contractor proposes in several groups they may be selected in all groups, and therefore one contract will be awarded to cover all groups.


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CIO-SP4 Full-Service$4,400
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