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We work with your capture team to ensure the price proposal is developed with your winning strategy as a guideline.

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Price Proposal Services

Fedmarket provides complete Government price proposal support to help you win new business.

Contractors of all sizes encounter situations where their internal pricing team simply does not have the adequate resources or capacity to respond to a critical RFP. Don't let your technical response be hindered by an incomplete or non-compliant cost/price volume. Let Fedmarket provide the expertise you need to deliver a strong response to the Government. We can support your proposal virtually, or at your location, nationwide

How We Help You Win

Let our experienced team assist you in delivering a winning proposal by:

  • Managing the entire price volume
  • Engaging in price-to-win strategy sessions
  • Developing all cost templates
  • Creating the cost narrative
  • Working with your cross-functional proposal teams
  • Managing subcontractor cost/price proposal inputs
  • Actively participating in color team reviews
  • Performing quality assurance and compliance checks
  • Preparing audit files

The Next Step

To provide you a quote for services, we need to schedule an initial meeting to review the solicitation, meet your key proposal team members, define roles/responsibilities, and gain an understanding of your company's organizational structure and business culture. A key output of this meeting is a clear agreement on the scope of services to be provided by Fedmarket. We offer customizable support. If you only need us to complete the cost templates, we will do just that; or if you need us to manage the price volume completely, we can provide this comprehensive service. Within twenty-four hours from the conclusion of this internal meeting, we can provide you with an estimate of the level of effort to complete the cost volume.

Following is a further view into the services we provide:

  • Managing the Entire Cost/Price Volume
    Our team is comprised of highly experienced contracts managers, financial analysts, and project managers who possess the capability and requisite knowledge to tightly manage the entire price proposal process for you. We break down an entire RFP into its various elements and create a proposal schedule, outline, and compliance matrix. We can create subcontractor RFPs and manage subcontractor inputs. We have practical compliance experience, ranging from DCAA audits to Service Contract Act compliance. Our proposal management expertise encompasses all types of contracts (e.g. FP, CPFF, CPAF, T&M), managing large and diverse teams and developing complex proposals ranging in value from several million to more than a billion dollars.
  • Engaging in Price-to-win Strategy Sessions
    As a member of your team, we will lend our expertise to your pricing strategy sessions. We can provide a competitive analysis, assimilate survey data, create 'what if" scenarios, and ensure conformance to the strategy by all team members. We can also lead these sessions, if you so choose.
  • Developing all Cost Templates
    Regardless of the complexity of the cost exhibits, our team can take on the task of creating and developing all cost templates required by the RFP. From relatively simple T&M proposals to extremely complex, multi-tiered proposals, we have developed and completed required cost templates for all Government agencies.
  • Creating the Cost Narrative
    Many clients rely on us to prepare cost narratives that offer a concise explanation of the supporting cost exhibits, the derivation of the data used to create them, and accompanying assumptions, explanations, and deviations, if any.
  • Working with your Cross-functional Proposal Teams
    Our team of specialists can seamlessly integrate into your team. We are experienced in working with other volume managers, technical writers, HR experts, finance, contracts, and production support to ensure the delivery of a compliant price proposal that supports the technical solution.
  • Managing Subcontractors - Proposal Inputs
    We are experienced at coordinating teams of subcontractors. Whether you have one teaming partner or more than twenty, we can both direct and manage the subcontractors through the proposal development process. By holding at least weekly status checks with the team and distributing step-by-step customized instructions to each subcontractor, we will ensure you get the best possible compliant response from each of your team members.
  • Actively Participating in Color Team Reviews
    We will participate in or can lead pink, blue, red, and gold team reviews for the cost/price volume as part of the quality assurance and compliance review process.
  • Preparing Quality Assurance and Compliance Checks
    We routinely perform quality assurance reviews to ensure calculations are accurate. Also, our extensive knowledge of DCAA audits, CAS requirements, and FAR issues provide peace of mind that the response is compliant and complete.
  • Preparing Audit Files
    As a standard part of our service we help you prepare for an audit by gathering all source data in a central location so that when DCAA requests information for an audit, everything developed for the proposal will be in one ready to submit file. Also, we can provide guidance and support during the audit itself.

Our Process
Fedmarket can provide assistance from the moment you identify a potential business opportunity into post-award operations. We envision a proposal as an ongoing process, and we are there to help each step of the way.

Identification - Early identification of your proposal support requirements allows us to best tailor our services to support your needs and to provide a head start on the proposal.

Strategy - We work with your capture team to ensure the price proposal is developed with your winning strategy as a guideline.

Draft - If you desire, we can create a draft or "strawman" price proposal to correspond to draft technical solutions.

RFP - When the final RFP is released, we immediately engage the process of breaking down the solicitation and building the proposal templates.

Proposal - Our team works with you throughout the proposal process to ensure all minimum requirements for a compliant price proposal are addressed.

Production - On production day, we're right there with you to handle any last minute changes and complete book reviews.

Audit - Integral to our process is the compilation of supporting documentation throughout the proposal life cycle, so that you are ready for the auditor or to respond to any Contracting Officer questions.

Award -  We are experienced at managing multiple price revisions from initial submission to contract award, and through a protest period, if necessary.

Transition - Our team can assist you in transitioning your successful proposal at contract start-up through subcontract negotiations, task order proposals or project management activities, to name a few.

Operation - Using the knowledge we have gained throughout the proposal process, we can continue to supplement your resources by providing outsourced services throughout contract performance.

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