NAVAIR PM CSS Requirements

Offeror must provide evidence of the Annual Project Value for each Relevant Experience Project.

  • Annual Project Value for each Project must be equal to or greater than $500 Thousand per year.
  • The combined annual value of all Projects combined must be equal to or greater than $500 Thousand per year times the number of Projects submitted.

PPQ's are acceptable if you can't use CPARS

Performance areas are:

  1. Program/Project Management
  2. Financial Management
  3. Administrative Services
  4. Corporate Operations

The Offeror must have an acceptable accounting system (an SF 1408 is required as evidence for having an Acceptable Accounting System) and adequate financial resources. If a Contractor has received a DCMA Approval Letter and a DCAA Post-Award Account System Audit Report, it must obtain a copy of the SF 1408 (Pre-Award Survey Report) from the approving DCAA.

The Contractor's local site must be located within 30 driving miles of NAVAIR at Patuxent River, MD. (OFS is located in Alexandria, VA)

Systems, Certifications, and/or Clearances are not minimum or mandatory requirements; however, Offerors who submit approved Government Systems, Industry Certifications, and Government Facility Clearances will be considered more favorably.

Note: Fedmarket says "Bid" if you have 2 or more projects greater than $ 500,000 per year.
Have your Project Managers complete the project qualification forms, the project forms represent the bulk of the work required to complete this RFP.

In addition, many people are confused about Qualifications Projects vs. Relevant Experience Projects. ONLY the Qualification Projects (you need 2) MUST have the NAICS Code / PSC Code combination in order to qualify. The Relevant Experience Projects DO NOT need to have the specific NAICS Code or PSC Codes listed in the RFP to be used.

NAICS Code or PSC Code(s) are required for Relevant Experience Projects.

You can ask the contracting officer of one of your projects to fill out the NAICS Code or PSC Code 'change' form in order to use a project as a qualification project that might be similar work, but under a different NAICS Code / PSC Code. We think this is a worthwhile effort, if you are short a project and have a good relationship with your contracting officer. This will be especially useful if you have an IDIQ contract under a certain NAICS / PSC Code, but a task order that was related to the required NAICS / PSC Code for NAVAIR.