HCaTS Requirements Pool 1 On Ramp

Requirements for HCaTS Pool 1 On-Ramp

  • Six Relevant Experience Projects (REPs) with the following minimum qualifications:
    • Must be Prime contract by Prime bidder (no subcontractor work allowed)
    • Can be Federal or Commercial
    • Period of Performance in the last 5 years
    • Minimum of 3 continuous months of performance
    • Minimum of $25,000.00 obligated dollar amount
    • Must fall under one of three Key Service Areas (KSAs): Customized Training and Development, Customized Human Capital Strategy Services, and Customized Organization Performance Improvement.
    • Four of the six REPs must be tied to one of the following pool NAICS Codes: 611430, 611699 or 6243120
    • If a non-Federal project, you can ‘self-certify’ the NAICS Code with signature on PPQ from client
    • Two of the six REPs can be a collection of task orders.
    • Past Performance rating average of 3.00 points.
  • All REPs must have either CPARS or PPQs completed and returned with the proposal
  • No accreditations (such as ISO 9001) are required for bid.

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HCaTS SB Full- Service Proposal $3,600
HCaTS SB Model Proposal Only$1,800