DTIC IAC MAC RFP Requirements

IAC MAC Qualification Requirements
(based on draft RFP)

  • 23 scientific & technical focus areas mapped to 3 corresponding primary domain areas:
    • Defense Systems: Survivability and Vulnerability, RMSQI, Military Sensing, Advanced Materials, Energetics, Non-Lethal Weapons & Information Operations, Directed Energy, Autonomous Systems, Weapons Systems, C4ISR
    • Cyber-Security and Information Systems: Software and Data Analysis, Cyber Security, M&S, Knowledge Management and Information Sharing
    • Homeland Defense and Security: Homeland Security and Defense, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Biometrics, Medical, Cultural Studies, Alternative Energy, CBRN Non-Laboratory, CBRN Laboratory
  • 3 pools:
    • Pool 1 - Unrestricted / Full & Open Competition (15 awards)
    • Pool 2 - Partial Small Business Set-Aside (10 awards, to include one WOSB). All task orders valued below $15M will be competed in this pool.
    • Pool 3 - CBRN Laboratories (4 awards).
  • Can submit multiple proposals, one for each pool

Proposal Contents:

  • 4 volumes - Technical Capability, Past Performance, Price, Contract Documents
  • Technical includes sample task order response, demonstrated capability in technical focus areas, Small Business Participation Plan, program management with marketing plan
  • Past Performance includes different numbers of contracts depending on pool:
    • Pool 1 - will evaluate 10 PP contracts, with 5 from prime
    • Pool 2 - will evaluate 8 PP contracts, with 4 from prime
    • Pool 3 - will evaluate 5 PP contracts, with 3 from prime
  • All pools must provide CMMI Level III or higher, ISO 9001, or ISO 27001, or current certification for AS9100D
  • Prime must provide letter that shows TS facility clearance
  • Pool 3 must provide evidence of ownership or access to the mandatory facilities. If no access/ownership, must provide plan to achieve
  • Price volume includes pricing for sample tasks
  • Need proof of a line of credit or unsecured credit facility to show adequate financial resources - unrestricted must show min. $3M, small business must show min. $1M
  • For large business only - gov't will determine offeror has or does not have APS.

Past Performance Requirements

  • Can submit a proposal without any past performance & receive 'neutral' rating
  • Period of performance - completed or ongoing between 1 September 2013 and 30 April 2017
  • Relevant in scope and magnitude:
    • Pools 1 & 3 -  For IDIQ type contracts min. greater than $10M, for task order under IDIQ type contracts min. greater than $1M
    • Pool 2 -  For IDIQ type contracts min. greater than $10M, for task order under IDIQ type contracts min. greater than $500K
  • Performed as either prime or sub, but prime contracts will receive more weight
  • Must have PPQs, may be able to substitute with CPARS (not clear in draft).