Solve Your Proposal Writing Dilemma

Training for Inexperienced Proposal Writers

Learn to write federal proposals while watching a step-by-step evolution of a proposal from RFP analysis to a final proposal.

The presentation is based on the proposal writing procedures include in our eRFPFilter, an App for filtering an RFP into a Filter Table and using the Table to develop a compliant proposal.

Who Should Attend?  Inexperienced proposal writers

Topic #TopicTopic Time
1Introduction5 minutes
2What Evaluators Are Looking for to Score a Proposal High (including Review of Winning Proposal)20 minutes
3How to Find What Evaluators Want in an RFP including RFP Filtering Procedure15 minutes
4Building the Draft Proposal Outline30 minutes
5Expanding the Outline into a Draft Proposal30 minutes
6Working with Technical Staff to Complete Draft Proposal30 minutes
7Success Stories20 minutes
8Individual Q & A Sessions with Attendees30 minutes


Topics and step-by-step writing procedures for Topics 3 thru 5 will be presented on a large screen.
Attendees will be provided with the presentation if they elect to follow it on their personal laptops.

Presentation and Class Participation

The instructor will present Topics 3 thru 5 using an example RFP. A proposal will be built from an outline to a draft proposal using the example RFP. Using the contents of the example RFP, the procedures for each step in the writing process will be presented and explained and the results shown in a draft proposal.

The instructor will answer attendee questions as each writing procedure is presented.
An individual Q & A session will be held at the end of the course.

Instructor and Presentation Developers:  The Step-by-Step eRFPFilter was developed by Richard White (Class Instructor) and Kristin Bales (Sample Winning Proposal Writer). Both are experts in federal government contracting and have years of experience in responding to government RFPs. Together they have written dozens of proposals in all areas of government contracting. Now they have collaborated and put into words the methods for writing compliant federal proposals.

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