Customized Proposal Writing Training at Your Office

Richard White, CEO and owner of Fedmarket, will customize his public training courses for your proposal writers with emphasis on how to obtain creative solution information from your technical writers.

Understanding the nuances of federal proposals is analogous to understanding a new language and culture. The complexity of Federal RFPs create a sometimes mystical world of how to write a proposal that will receive maximum evaluation scores. Inexperienced federal contractors or companies outside the market don't understand the nuances of completing a compelling and compliant federal proposal.

Full-day or half-day sessions are available.

Sample outline of topics covered:

Topic #TopicTopic Time
1Introduction15 minutes
2What Evaluators Are Looking for to Score a Proposal High (including Review of Winning Proposal)30 minutes
3How to Find What Evaluators Want in an RFP including RFP Filtering Procedure30 minutes
4Building the Draft Proposal Outline30 minutes
5Expanding the Outline into a Draft Proposal30 minutes
6Working with Technical Staff to Complete Draft Proposal30 minutes
7Success Stories30 minutes
8Individual Q & A Sessions with Attendees1 hour

Call (888) 661-4094, Ext. 2 for more information.
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