Would a GSA Schedule Help Your Federal Sales Efforts?

We recently received a call from a company new to the federal marketplace that hasn't entered the federal sales market. The conversation essentially went down like this:

Question - "Our business is considering obtaining a GSA schedule so we can get into the federal market. Is a Schedule contract the magic bullet that it appears to be? I am worried about getting the right schedule so federal buyers can find me."

Our Response - The engineering firm in question should definitely get on the GSA Schedule if it is serious about entering the market. Moreover, the magic bullet does not exist. Where else in life have you found a magic bullet? Federal buyers are probably not going to come looking for you. You are going to have to go looking for them

Question #2 - "I am not surprised. My experience tells me that there aren't really any magic bullets. Oh, you mean the federal market is basically the same as the commercial market?"

Our Response - The engineering executive hit the nail on the head. Companies need to build relationships in advance with federal customers. Federal task orders are not going to be sent to companies that the federal end user doesn't know about in advance.

Question #3 - "What advantage would getting a GSA Schedule contract give us?"

Our Response - Having an awarded GSA Schedule contract allows your company to close the deal it has sold in the most expeditious manner possible and with minimal red tape associated with the sale. It sets you apart from your competitor that doesn't have a Schedule contract because the federal buyer would prefer to do business with a Schedule holder because it makes her job that much easier.

Question #4 - "Entering the federal market and getting a Schedule contract appear to be a long-term investment. Is our assessment correct?"

Our Response - Yes, focused time and effort is required on your part. However, the potential revenue benefits are great provided your company performs well and satisfies the customer. Build strong relationships, keep your customers happy and your growth can be dramatic. You must make the investment, though.

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