Win Contracts Despite Sequestration with a GSA Schedule

No one selling to the federal government wants to hear about budget cuts, yet recently you hear about nothing but.  The doom and gloom the media has spread affects our morale and can lead to defeatist thinking. Will there be cuts, of course, but keep in mind - the government will not stop spending, the government will still spend billions this year, the government will spend more than any commercial business and they will still buy just about everything you can imagine.

As staffing cuts take place within federal agencies, we anticipate contracting officers will be affected. Cuts will lead to fewer hours and less manpower within procurement offices.  To offset these cuts agencies will be looking for ways to streamline the process, and nothing simplifies the federal purchasing procedure more than buying through GSA.

In essence, a GSA schedule is a pre-approved price list for use by any federal buyer. Pre-approved (pre-negotiated) pricing is the key. In making a buy, GSA schedules allow:

  • Unprecedented speed and minimal paperwork.
  • Limited competition (this is what makes it fast).
  • Avoidance of a public bid (averaging 270 days and at least one large tree's worth of paper work).

GSA buys are transacted silently without much scrutiny by non-participating vendors. This cuts down on costly and time consuming vendor protests and makes buying easier and more pleasurable from the buyer's viewpoint. That is if buying could be considered pleasurable in any way.

Bottom Line: Purchasing through GSA allows buyers to reduce their workload, and now, more than ever, a simplified purchasing mechanism will be a necessity. 

Given the current scenario, is an investment of $3,900 to obtain your GSA schedule out of the question? 

Fedmarket's GSA specialists will assist you in completing your GSA schedule proposal in our 3-Day GSA eLab.  The 3-Day GSA eLab has been helping vendors get on a GSA schedule since 2005.

"Fedmarket's GSA eLab staff was very friendly, helpful and patient. The cost of the GSA eLab and follow-up support was much cheaper than any other option that we explored. I highly recommend!!"

James L. Barrett, Jr., PE, Associate AIA, LEED AP
Burdette, Koehler, Murphy & Associates, Inc.

"We received our GSA IT Schedule this afternoon! I submitted it on March 5th and we received the award today, one month and 2 days later.  He said that the reason the award went so quickly was because I was so responsive and because the package was well put together. Thought you would want to hear his comments."

"Thanks to all for assisting me with the submission."

Barbara R. Schipper
Chief Operating Officer

Read more about the 3-Day GSA eLab: Details, Dates, Registration and Locations - click here. Or call 888 661 4094, Ext. 2 for more information.

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