Why One Day GSA Works

GSA at Your Office
Fedmarket's GSA senior staff spends one-full work day at your office

The complexity of a GSA Schedule proposals is like preparing a corporate return. Developing proposed GSA prices is exceptionally complex for the following reasons:

  1. You must first determine whether you company quotes prices bases on the market or from a commercial price list. In many cases the answer to this question is grey.
  2. Formatting your pricing spreadsheets can be confusing and messy
  3. Market pricing requires that you offer GSA your most favored customer (MFC) prices and if you can't offer MFC pricing you must convince GSA on paper that higher prices should be approved. Let's just say- GSA is not easily convinced.
  4. Companies using a commercial price list to quote prices must have documented discounting practices and most companies do not have formal discounting practices. Alternatives for developing proposed GSA prices based on informal practices are available but require ingenuity and subjective judgment.

Bottom line:  A GSA specialist must work directly with Management and the company's CFO to establish optimum GSA pricing and this is best done at your office.

Companies with straight forward discounting and/or willingness to offer GSA MFC pricing are best served by attending the GSA eLab.

Call (888) 661 4094, Ext. 2 to learn more about this service.

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