VETS 2 GWAC Joint Venture Matching Service

Form Your Joint Venture Now for VETS 2

Fedmarket is offering a Veteran Enterprise Technologies Services (VETS 2) GWAC Joint Venture Matching Service.

VETS 2 has been published at as a Draft RFP. The Draft RFP states that the final RFP will be published on or after April 21, 2016. Fedmarket is offering Proposal Writing Services based on the Draft RFP for small businesses to start on their proposals early.

The small business interest in VETS 2 is exceptionally high because with a budget of $ 5 Billion the procurement is the single largest VETS IT GWAC ever awarded by the federal government.

VETS 2 project experience requirements are so stringent that all but the largest veteran-owned small businesses will be forced to bid as part of a Joint Venture in order to qualify for an award.

Small businesses have enough time to form Joint Ventures because the final RFP has not yet been published.

Fedmarket is offering a complimentary VETS 2 Joint Venture Matching Service to assist veteran owned businesses in meeting the qualifications for VETS 2.

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